Sultry, sexy, informative and cute; That's Robin Marshall's Voice! 

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Robin took on a project for Cumulus Broadcasting as the Production Manager for Sound Solutions. Where she began the division as a "start-up," she now heads up a strong team of voice/production/writers across the country that create commercials for over 500 Cumulus radio stations nationwide on a daily basis.

She is also a highly regarded independent, national voiceover talent, who before just recently moving to Dallas, was based out of NYC with a long list of clients including Night Skin, P-Diddy, Wal-Mart, Lexus, Best Western Hotels, Outback, Fuji Film, and literally hundreds of others, as well as being an on-air jock for 25 years for radio stations including NYC’s FRESH 102.7.and CD101.9 where she was also the radio imaging voice of the station. Robin is now the imaging voice for many radio stations from coast to coast!

She has also been the voice of the nationally syndicated shows like Randy Jackson’s Hit List (Westwood One), The Star Report (Premiere Radio Networks) Jayne FM, and a campaign for Sean John's "Unforgivable Fragrances".

Robin has written two books in the last 5 years, one which landed on the “best seller’s” list in the category of Broadcasting and Entertainment with Barnes and Noble.com, and continues to do well on Amazon.com. Take a look! http://ow.ly/wYy1p . The book is called, “Is This Thing ON?” It is a culmination of stories from jocks around the globe telling of their worst on-air moments! Quite hysterical and offers a common thread between many of us to continue having what’s known in the business as, “disc jockey’s nightmare;” that continuous dream of the buttons that won’t work, being locked out of the studio, the record that keeps skipping, etc… a dream that won’t ever go away…
Her second book is called, "The Diary of a Sugar Mom. Don’t Tell the Kids!” This is a seductive and yet introspective type of read that she calls Faction; part fact – part fiction. As steamy and sexual as it is, is as philosophical and deep as it runs. It also hit #10 in several categories on Amazon.com, where it is still available for purchase as a paper back book, e- book and audio book.

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                                     ROBIN'S WORLD

  • Robin has  developed several new morning drive benchmark pieces. Here's an example called "Robin's World."

"It's the daily wit and wisdom of what goes on inside a woman's mind, and is told in a way to create loyalty for your listeners, content for your morning show, and revenue for your sales department. For example…"


Inquire about voice overs, radio imaging, narratives, character voices, and her morning drive benchmark pieces. "Robin's World." "Cuppa' Jayne." "Sugar Mom Minute!"  Robin(at)RobinMarshall.com, or call (631) 816 5373.